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A Lesson Buhari Needs To Learn From Donald Trump

If the US President, Donald Trump, can undergo series of tests done by 11 different specialists to prove that he is in good shape and can remain as president till expiration of his tenure and even beyond, why then cant our Dear “Next Level” President Buhari do the same.

Trump has just proved himself. Buhari should do the same or step down for a  more healthier individual to run.
We don’t want a President that is not healthy for office, neither do we want a President that makes flimsy mistakes, or a President that is supposedly from “Sudan”.
We want a Nigerian as President. A President that understands the plight of the masses. A President that does not need support to climb a podium. A President that won’t travel out of the country for medical examinations despite the fact that there are good hospitals in the country.
Let’s vote wisely.

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