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Reasons Why Reekado Banks Will Survive Outside Mavin Records

It is no news that Nigerian crooner Reekado Banks who was formerly signed to Mavin records have departed the record label and have started his own label named Banks Music. The headies award revelation of the year 2017 winner who was groomed and nurtured musically by Mavin boss “Don Jazzy” have undoubtedly excelled in his musical career over the years and gained amazing fans and recognition in Africa and the diaspora.
Reekado Banks

Reekado’s announcement of his departure from the label that groomed him have got fans, music lovers, critics and concerned individuals wondering if he will survive out of Mavin records. In other to ascertain if the talented crooner and former Mavin signee will survive in the highly competitive Nigeria music industry the following facts should be considered;
1. Reekado is a skilled and talented artist: Banks have proven himself as a very talented artist whose lyrics, video, voice, and rhythm portrays his talent and skills. Talent is indeed an asset in the music industry and Reekado have that to his favor making it evident that irrespective of the label he is signed to, he will still scale great heights.
2. His departure from Mavin record was on a good note: Over the years artist have departed with labels on rough ground without amity amongst them but Reekado’s departure is far from that. The Banks music boss clarified this on his hearty departure post where he stated this words “Today I write in tears, not from a place of pain, but of joy and gratitude. A place of bliss and satisfaction because I am more than contented with how far this opportunity has brought me. The last five years have been the most blissful years of my career. The journey has been extremely wonderful and filled with the best experiences. I’ve learnt that family is not just about blood ties but about the love, sacrifices and friendship that exist amongst its members. The relationships I have fostered has proved to me that love is thicker than blood. • Joining the @mavinrecords family was the best thing to have happened to me in the last decade. @donjazzy took me in and treated me like his own son. I’ll be eternally grateful to him for sacrifices he made towards the growth of my career. His selflessness and efforts towards me and the entire Mavin crew is one that is admirable and worthy of emulation. A true KING with a large heart, full of kindness and ready to accommodate even more people .” and also stated the aim of his departure and thanked his former label mates saying “And to the rest of the crew, Our family is a clear example of the saying, “We rise by lifting others.” Thank you all for all the times you’ve lifted me at my lowest moments, for the support, the amazing hits and most especially, the LOVE. • Taking this bold step and moving on from Mavin Records onto bigger opportunities is something that, though not easy, is absolutely necessary because of my growth. I am very ecstatic about what the future holds and I cannot wait to share with everyone what new opportunities have come. Long Live Mavin Records.”. The amicable departure will definitely spur more collaborations with the Mavin crew and aid his survival out of the label.
3. God gives success not record labels : Success and survival in any profession and career comes from God. With hard work, steadfastness and God’s favor an artist without a label will survive how much more one that is a label boss?
4. He has a good music foundation: Mavin record is a household name to reckon with in the Nigeria music industry, with Don jazzy nurturing his artist in love. The foundation that has been laid in Reekado musically is a good one with which he can excel.

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