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Michael Jackson's Daughter checked into a Rehab for emotional reasons

Paris, the daughter of late American pop star, Michael Jackson has checked into a rehabilitation facility to get help regarding her emotional health.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson

According to the magazine, PEOPLE, the 20-year-old decided that she needed to take some time off the scene in order “to reboot, realign and priorities her physical and emotional health. 

“She checked herself into a treatment facility to aid in her wellness plan and is looking forward to coming out of this revitalized and ready to tackle the exciting new projects that await her,” a PEOPLE source said. Paris was hospitalized in 2013 after attempting suicide. 

She admitted the development in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2017. She said, “I was crazy. I was actually crazy. I was going through a lot of, like teen, angst. And I was also dealing with my depression and my anxiety without any help.”

 Paris also disclosed in the interview that she was sexually abused by a stranger which further increased her depression. She is an actress, model, singer and is the second child and only daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe.   

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