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Imo Guber : Who Robed the Pope that robes the Priest?

Oshiomhole has tried very hard to draw a line of distinction between the incumbent governor, Rochas Okorocha,  "the APC poster boy" who remains the chairman of the party’s elite governors’ forum and Uzodinma. "Okorocha", Oshiomhole thundered, is a bad man and "Uzodinma, the new kid on the APC block, is decent".  Really? How? "the pot seems to forget that the kettle is a next door neighbor"


“We brought you a message of hope not a message of lamentation and family business. We have come to deliver the message of hope that although things have gone wrong in the recent past, we have come to say how we will return the governance of the state to the people. The government that is coming will bring development for every son and daughter of Imo. You have a reason for demanding change,” 

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