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Nzogbu, Nzogbu, Enyi mba Enyi!
Nzogbu, Enyi Mba Enyi!
Zogbuo Rochas Enyi Mba Enyi!
Zogbuo Rochas Enyi Mba Enyi!
Thank you! Thank you!
Ndi Igbo, cool your temper (Song)!
Young people, cool your temper (song)!
My papa, my mama, cool temper ( song)!
Young people, cool temper!

Thank you. Thank you very much.
I really want you to listen. Today is not a constant.
Today is a day to pass a message of hope. Because, we have a reason. You have a reason for demanding change. And ensuring that we have a governorship candidate whose purpose is to develop and bring prosperity to the Igbo young man; the Owerri young woman; the carpenter; the mechanic; and all my own comrades the civil servants of imo states who do not know any longer what the pay day looks like.
I brought the message of hope that the days are gone when a governor will look at the face of his people and say there is money to do other things but no money to pay those who are working for the government.

I bring a message that when you elect Senator Hope... government will be based on merit and not family connection.

I bring a message of hope that when we talk of happiness, we would not domesticate it in the hands of a sister. The happiness of the great people of Imo state would be the primary purpose of government under Senator Hope Uzodimma.

I bring you message of hope that the constructing of buildings, like building roads, will be based on due process where contracts will not be awarded to three people, if it must be awarded, it will not be awarded to in-laws. If it will be awarded, it will be awarded to genuine men and women in Imo state.

I hope you hope that  never again  will any of your governors look at your leaders and abuse them. Because/ democracy is about people.
I bring you a message of hope that we are not going to have a governor that can fool.
I am born and created by God for a purpose. And when God says you are not poor, there is nothing they will do that can make me poor.
Igbo Kwenu! Igbo Kwenu nu!!

I want you to listen.
On your behalf, I bring you a message of hope that never again shall we govern on the basis of family connection; whether you know somebody or you don't know somebody. whether you marry me or you no marry me  or I marry from you. That shall not be the basis of winning the next election.

Ibring you a message of hope that you money will be used to develop Imo land, and through you.

I bring you a message of hope to the traditional rulers that they will be able to preside over their domains without being intimidated by the governor.

I bring you a message of hope that from now on, we will govern in a way that will leave no one in doubt that democracy is about government of the people, and for the people.
And lastly, my comrades, I want to assure those workers who have been lamenting. Those families whose husbands are not paid for six months, or ten months. I want to assure those pensioners that were not paid last month with the money which President Munhammadu Buhari paid to governors, including Governor of Imo state, that was not used for the purpose. That money will be retrieved and our pensioners will smile again.

I bring you a message of hope that never again will a governor of this state look at your face and say that your salary depends on when you work and not when is due

I bring you a message of hope that never again are you going to use your money to put posters with a President Obama when you admit the opposite of Obama.

I bring you assurances. Assurance of hope that you are going to have a governor who will lead you with the power of personal example.

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