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                                          No GOOD BYE FOR IDRIS!!!

Dear Mr. Ibrahim Idris,
I am sure you are yet to be confronted with the reality of the end of your ignoble tenure as the IGP. That's how evil people carry on until they are faced with clear realities of life.
However, let me help you, your ignoble tenure as the IGP has ended just like that! Yes, just like that, you are now an ordinary Nigerian like me.
If you read newspapers this morning, you will see the reversal of your removal of the Lagos CP and replacement with Tinubu's Ex CSO. That is how it is.
And sorry enh, you can no longer supervise the humiliation and persecution of Senators Bukola Saraki, Ike Ekweremadu and Dino Melaye.
Before I forget, hope you left the Force HQ with that your shameless boy, Jimoh Olohundare Moshood because I'm sure you will still need him to help you defend all your ignoble actions as IGP. You need that Jimoh Eleran (he never acted like a professional police officer) to keep abusing State governors for you as he did to the Benue State Governor and others.
Ogbeni Idris (I can call you anything now, I can even call you Ogberan), as your ignoble tenure as IGP ended yesterday, may our Police Force never experience your types again.
Under you as IGP, the police became so efficient in remembering childhood sins of Nigerians the moment they speak against Buhari.
You led a police force that made running after Dino Melaye and others a national policy.
Your ignoble tenure was one in which some States had as many as FOUR CPs within one month. Shame on you!
Invasion of National Assembly and removal of the Senate President and his Deputy became your main agenda that must be pursued blindly.
To you as IGP, the safety of Nigerians was not important. You even disobeyed the president when he ordered you to relocate to Benue State when the people were being killed by herdsmen.
For this year's elections, you have even set up IG Special Squad to be used for rigging across the country.
As IGP, you went about sowing the wind, and you shall surely reap the whirlwind.
I do not wish you a happy retirement because I am confident that you will spend the better part of this period explaining to your conscience your roles in Kano State in 2015 and how you turned the Police Force to instrument of fighting perceived opponents of President Buhari.
Bad bye former IGP Idris. May the police never have another IGP like you.
Lere Olayinka 

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