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You are invited to Miss Adanma Pageant 2018 show

28th December 2018
Venue: Villa Garden hotel, Plot 5028 Action Commercial Area, New Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
For bookings call: +2348091038656
Visit: for more details

The Miss Adanma pageant international was launched in 2015. It aims to help restore cultural identity and sense of belonging to West African children born in the Diaspora and raised with limited exposure to their cultural roots.

The core idea of Miss Adanma which in Igbo means “Daughter of beauty” is to use the unique beauty of the young African woman to promote African culture and heritage. It brings together the whole family unit in a celebration of these values with annual events taking place initially in the UK and now spreading to Nigeria and other parts of the globe.

The pageant winners become ambassadors who are encouraged to be active champions of the charities that Miss Adanma supports. Current charities are widows, orphans the physically challenged and the less privileged, especially, but first annual pageant in 2017 in Nigeria was used to highlight the sexual exploitation ad promiscuity of young people.

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