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Fire burns down popular market in Nassarawa

There was pandemonium at early hours of Friday morning after fire outbreak destroyed popular Keffi Main Market, Nasarawa state.

Those present at the scene stated that all the stores were destroyed by the fire and all effort to put out the fire proved abortive.

An eyewitness said the incident has always been occurring for the past 5 years  between December 21st-23rd .
She also said that nobody has been able to identify how or what caused the fire outbreak, which has left the residents of Keffi in great shock. The fire burnt almost every single piece of the goods in the stores not even a pin.
Although, this was not the first time this disaster have befall the residents of Keffi as it was told that by one victims whose goods was burnt in the fire but this year’s fire outbreak was more disastrous than the ones that had happened for the past years .
Since the the incident is no more a new thing, some residents concluded that the fire must have been set up by someone who doesn’t want the progress of the people, while some other people believed that the fire has something to do with spiritual manipulations.
However, some people blamed the Fire Service as they were late to the scene of the incident, the fire had almost gone out when the Fire Service arrived. So they saved some of the stores from burning.
Still no one could tell what really causes the occurrence of this yearly fire outbreak.

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