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"Buhari has endorsed Hope Uzodinma has Imo APC Governorship Candidate" - Oshiomole

According to the APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomole, at the recent campaign flag off of the APC Governorship candidate in Owerri on Friday, December 21, he made it known to those present that President Buhari had endorsed Senator Hope Uzodinma as the Governorship candidate in the state.

He (Oshiomole) therefore urged Imolites to disregard people from unknown parties, who were juxtaposing Buhari’s picture with theirs, saying Uzodinma was the only candidate endorsed by Buhari.

According to Oshiomole:

“Those who are putting Buhari with their faces because they are unknown are fake. Buhari has APC as his party. 

“Buhari has adopted Uzodinma as his governorship candidate. “We brought you a message of hope not a message of lamentation and family business. 

“We have come to deliver the message of hope that although things have gone wrong in the recent past, we have come to say how we will return the governance of the state to the people.

“The government that is coming will bring development for every son and daughter of Imo. Today is not a concert but a day to pass the message of hope. 

“You have a reason for demanding change.

“You want a governorship candidate whose purpose is to bring development to all Imo people including civil servants who no longer know what a pay day is like.

“I want to assure workers that have been lamenting and families whose breadwinners cannot fend for them that the days are over. 

“Never again will your governor look at you and say your salary depends on when you work not when it is due. 

“You will now have a person that will lead by example and do not be deceived. Anybody who believes in APC must support Uzodinma. 

“Pensioners too will smile. Traditional rulers will have dominion over their areas without intimidation.

“We will make sure the bailout money is returned. 

“The days are gone when a governor will look at the people and say there is money for other things but not for paying salaries. 

“In Uzodinma’s government, appointments will be based on merit and not family connection. We will not domesticate happiness in the hands of a few people because all Imo people will be happy,”

The national chairman stressed that “roads and other contracts will not be awarded to in-laws but to genuine men and women of Imo state”.

“Democracy is about the people and as such we will run an inclusive government, the government of the people, by the people and for the people. 

Never again shall we govern on the basis of family connection. Knowing somebody or not, or marrying from a family or not will no longer matter. Your money will be used to develop Imo,”

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