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APC led Government admits to being clueless on the cause of economic hardship in the Country.

Osinbajo in vice presidential debate

Vice President Prof. Yemi Osnibajo made a shocking revelation in the vice presidential debate as he addressed the issue of corruption  he said:

 " We were told by the world bank that corruption is why we are where we are today".

The statement made the glaring exposition that the president and his cabinet is not well grounded on the causes of the economic hardship in the country going by what the V. P said.

If the Presidency does not know what the cause of Nigeria's economic problem is, how much an enigma finding solution is.
Vice Presidential debate 14 Dec. 2018

Mr Osinbajo says the growth in China and South Africa is driven by strong infrastructure.
He says the administration has focused on building infrastructure in order to address the challenges of a stunted economy.

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