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Action Alliance Lawmakers in Imo state each get N30million for the Campaigns

There were apprehensions in Imo State House of Assembly over the allegations Owelle Okorochas had approved the sum of N30million to each of the lawmakers of the party.

According to a source in the Imo House, N10million out of the N30million has already been released to appreciate them for defecting to the party with Uche Nwosu and to embark on aggressive, massive grass-root sensitization to make AA a household name.

It was also gathered that a cross section of LGA chairmen and Councillors are in clandestine meetings with the leadership of various opposition parties in order to frustrate the victory chances of Uche Nwosu at the polls come next years governorship election in the state.

Also, the chairmen have been tactically talking to their councilors into jettisoning the Ugumba project, telling them to be careful and that the victory of Uche Nwosu is not a do or die affair, because he has been in government since inception of the rescue mission administration. Again, that the threat by the governor on their stay in office if Uche loses is neither here nor there because they have been also assured of their positions even Uche loses.

The various councilors have asked the governor to first and foremost pay them their wardrobes allowances, house and other entitlements before they could listen to what they called "Owelle's Anthem" on which way to follow, regretting that until that fateful day, the governor and his lieutenants were still holding back their certificates of return even after their acclaimed inaugurations.

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