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We do not support the State governments’ N22,500 minimum wage proposal - Chris Ngige

Sen. Chris Ngige, Minister of Labour and Employment has said organised labour would attend a meeting with the federal government on the contentious new minimum wage on Monday.

Sen. Chris Ngige
Sen. Chris Ngige

He spoke Sunday night in Abuja after labour leaders failed to show up for the scheduled meeting.
“They are not here today and they gave excuse why they are not here”, Ngige told newsmen.
“We also want to say that we do not support the State governments’ N22,500 proposal and we have also said so.
“We also have our own figure and the Tripartite Committee meeting will look at it and the outcome of the Monday’s meeting will be a consensual, I am sure of that, ” he said.
Mr Joe Ajaero, President, United Labour Congress (ULC) told NAN that members of the organised labour got the invitation to the meeting late.

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