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Re-Build Nigeria Peoples Party (RBNP) Kick's off in grand style

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An address presented to the South East zonal meeting of the Re-Build Nigerian Party holding on  May 18, 2018 at the Imo State Party Secretariat 49 Egbu road Owerri Imo state by Dr. Canice Nkemjika Okorie (KSM) the national vice chairman and the chairman of Re-build Nigerian party South East.

I wish to welcome all of us to today’s meeting being the first since registration of our party last December, we are here today by the special grace of God whose love and grace made our attending today’s meeting possible and will surely extend the same on our way home
We are here today to deliberate on how and best way to harvest the political differences and administrative incompetence of the PDP and APC in their respective areas of governance.
We have gathered here today with a view of avoiding the mistakes of the above mentioned political parties so that we will not end like them, let us therefore feel free and safe to contribute ideas, criticize where we have been going wrong and if possible make our suggestions on how best to move forward.
Politics has been defined by political students as the process of deciding who gets what, when and how, others say is the process of grabbing an opportunity by anybody to decide the fate of men. The two definitions from the two school of thought are correct depending on the what side of the divide you belong to. The interesting word in the two definition is process. Should the process of grabbing or deciding an elective office be clean and fair to all? Then option A4 which is in our constitution remains the last option.
Re-build Nigeria Party is a noble peace and good governance advocacy party borne out of a deep sense of patriotism and love for our dear country, Nigeria. It is non- profit making, but a committed political party registered with the INEC to promote good governance, ethical leadership, political stability, peace and unity among Nigerians.
It is established to carry out programmes and activities aimed at re-building and transforming Nigeria for the benefit of all Nigerians. The goals and objectives of this party are aimed at hastening the process of nation building through advocacy, enlightenment, mediation and various other public affairs management interventions. Its organizational structure effectively covers the entire country, under the dynamic leadership of Chief Dr. Mayor, amb. Japhet Anyanwu the national chairman of our great party.
Re-build Nigerian Party is not a pro-individual, rather, it is more concerned with issues that must be addressed to move Nigeria forward, to build and achieve the nation of our dreams. This party has engaged in subtle political activities that has produced far reaching result. It does not believe in street protest or confrontation as a means of pressing home its views. It rather believes in constructive dialogue with various levels of government to arrive at well blended decisions that will impact on the lives of the   masses in all matters. In essence, we consider issues in relation with national interest, peace and security of Nigerian citizens at home and in diaspora.
This party is founded on democratic ideals and abhors impunity from all quarters. our freedom to choose a candidate is through option A4, which means that all our members belong to the hallowed chambers of delegates.
Conclusively, the effort of National members from our dear zone is commendable and appreciated. To our zonal members you have been  my strength, especially the state chairmen who stood behind me with their private resources and time, may you ever remain blessed.
As we discuss today the unveiling of our party to the public of the South East and the country at large, let us contribute what it takes to showcase a wonderful outing devoid of shame.
Thanks and God bless.                    

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