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Imo Business and services Directory...Imo business men,manufacturers happy

Imo business directory
Imo business directory is the collection and the documentation of the comprehensive list of businesses and service oriented organisations in Imo state with there full contact details.

The proposed 1000 paged reference material will contain facts and figures that can be attributed to
 the businesses and services in Imo state, their complete addresses with there postal, email, website, facebook, twitter and other social network addresses. The Imo Business Directory will serve the
business community in Imo state as a window to other businesses in other parts of the country and diaspora.

The supplementary section of the directory will serve the State, local government areas, government agencies and parastatals as a means to showcase their investment and tourism potentials to the outside world. It  will also serve  as a sure means to showcase their activities and historical background.

The Directory promises to serve as a very cost-effective and durable advert medium for the publicity of goods and services in Imo state. This is also an opportunity for Churches and other religious bodies,  to advertise their location, programs and activities.

The internet section will serve as a veritable tool to disseminate information about  the business community, politics, agriculture, entertainment, news about people in the rural communities to all and sundry. The website offers a buyer-meets-seller platform which makes for business interaction between investors and local manufacturers. 

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