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IG of police has a psychiatric condition-Neurologist.

Inspector General of Police is allegedly suffering from "Brain Block" as opined by Dr. Nura Alkali a neurologist with the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU).  Ibrahim Idris, who visited Kano on Monday to commission the Police Technical Intelligence unit in the state, struggled consistently to pronounce some of the words in his own text. 
IG of police Ibrahim Idris
IG of police
The clip of the infamous speech at an event in kano, stirred up reactions online as some Nigerians described the development as "embarrassing and a shame to the Nigeria Police Force".
However, reacting to this, Dr. Nura Alkali, explained that contrary to opinions that the IG may be ‘dyslexic, the police boss might be suffering from Severe emotional stress, a non-motor seizure, or transient global amnesia.  
“Having watched the IGP Idris speech video, I can only conclude that he had a brain block. What caused it I cannot tell, since I lack his medical history. But I suspect one of three possibilities: Severe emotional stress, a non-motor seizure, or transient global amnesia.
“He is certainly not dyslexic, after all, he has read public speeches flawlessly in the past. And from available evidence, the video was not doctored. I advise the IGP to see an experienced neurologist or psychiatrist, who should also watch the video.”
“Some of us find it hard to believe that a medical condition can make a speech sound like a “broken record”. Well, one of such causes is transient global amnesia (TGA)
“The main sign of TGA is being temporarily unable to form new memories. This is called prominent anterograde amnesia. During the episode of TGA, the person will seem disoriented in time and often ask questions about the date or their environment over and over again. This may be described as the person sounding like a “broken record.”

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